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Chiquita Floyd and Dan Buechler – New Lifestyles Magazine

Chiquita Floyd and Dan Buechler are having a great time for New Lifestyles Magazine!

Alika Ray for the SPCA

Alika is a (gorgeous) mom in this great campaign from the SPCA on spaying and neutering. Did you know that fixing one dog can have the effect of keeping seven from ending up on the street? Now we both do!Model: Alika RayPhotographer & Retoucher: B…

Check out Brandon Thornton for Life Khaki

The Great American Sweethearts

Take a look at Texas Motor Speedway’s American Sweethearts. Featuring Becky, Katie, Jalin, and Kristen.

Becky Parks, Trey Singleton, and Ashlyn and Mason McEvers for Cabella’s

Take a look at this behind the scenes shot of Becky, Trey, Ashlyn, and Mason looking groovy ’70s style for Cabella’s Father’s Day commercial!

Thomas Avery and Donte Dean for Haggar

Thomas and Donte play the part of perfect gentlemen, whether they’re in the studio or out, in these shots for Haggar. Photographer: Clay Hayner

Ross Watts and Wes Medlock for Haggar

Ross and Wes show us what it means to be a classic man in these ads for Haggar. Photographer: Clay Hayner Check out for more!

Becky Parks, Michelle Harp, Trey Singleton for Sun & Color

Becky and Michelle are ready for a relaxing and colorful summer in these shots captured by Trey Singleton for Sun & Color. Special thanks to Sun & Color for their donation of hats to Children’s Medical Center!

Campbell Models for Windsor Court

These two ads for Windsor Court show Becky Parks and Trey Singleton luxuriating in a sudden shower while Deanna Cahill and Youri Bebic enjoy their souvenirs from New Orleans.